Download Music4MyEyes

Download Music4MyEyes

It’s free!

Download Music4MyEyes for Windows

Download Music4MyEyes for Linux

Windows installation instructions:

  1. Locate the downloaded file.
  2. Unzip into desired location.
  3. Go into the folder application.windows32 for 32bit system or go into application.windows64 for 64bit system.
  4. Open the readme.text file for some instructions.
  5. Run Music4MyEyes.exe.

Hope you enjoy my program.

You can also find the Processing source code at https://github.com/mariabethania/Music4MyEyes

I’m not a professional coder so I apologize in advance for all the mess that my coding might look at the eyes of an actual programmer.


Other downloads:

(Their respective source code for Processing is included in each download):

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